Tips for Getting a Sports Physical

If you are involved in any sort of physical activity, there's a great chance that you will need to get cleared with a doctor—especially if it's a full-contact sport. Whether you are in an adult intramural league or practice martial arts like jiu-jitsu or muay Thai, you will need to reach out to a doctor that can give you a sports physical. By touching base with them well in advance, you'll be able to get the help that you need in order to go through the physical and pass it with flying colors. Check out these tips.

Know what is involved with your sports physical

Before you go out and get your physical, you will need to get a sheet that breaks everything down. In most cases, the league will hand out the exact sheets that you will need to give your doctor and have them fill out. When you get one of these physicals, the doctor will generally be checking things like your vision, heart rate, lungs, blood pressure, posture, and joints. If you have ever played high school sports, you know just how straightforward these physicals are, and how they take an all-encompassing look at your health to be sure that you are ready to play. 

Reach out to a doctor that can help you 

Be sure that you get your physical sheet as early as possible in order to get going and enjoy playing. There will generally be a physical fee that you will need to pay. If the league doesn't have a doctor that they send you to, you can generally go to an urgent care center to get it taken care of. 

If you plan to go to your primary care physician, you should schedule an appointment in advance. This way, they will be able to get you in and out and will be prepared for your physical. Let them know in advance that you are getting a sports physical and that you already have the sheet with the information that they need to account for. 

In many situations, you will need to sign a waiver for your activity and sign up for some sort of insurance plan. Check with the league to be absolutely sure. 

Consider these tips so that you can get your sports physical taken care of as quickly as possible. For more information, reach out to a medical professional near you.